Making musculoskeletal care better for everyone

Learn About Our Philosophy

Livara is built different.

Our solution leverages three capabilities to help patients achieve their goals for healing.

Care Planning

For every patient, the Livara musculoskeletal team creates a care plan leveraging clinical data, a patient self assessment and a formal evaluation.

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Care Delivery

An interdisciplinary team guides patients end to end through their care, with virtual and in person engagement woven seamlessly together so members get the care they need, where and when they need it.

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Care Navigation

Navigators help patients who are recommended for an in-person specialist or service by our rounding team to find and schedule with the right high performing resource for their needs, including specialists, imaging or physical therapy.

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A blueprint for great care.

Leading providers and health plans refer their patients and members to Livara Health because they know they’ll get the kind of personalized care that can only come from experience. Our 15 years of direct clinical care informs a customized care plan for every single patient.

Setting the standard in care delivery.

Physical Therapy

Livara’s team of physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, aides and athletic trainers orchestrate care both on our online platform, in our network of owned or affiliated physical therapy clinics and in our high performing network. The result is a highly personalized experience built for every patient.

PsychoSocial Support

Livara’s peer-reviewed clinical research supports that many patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain may have needs above and beyond what a physical therapist can provide. Our team of registered dieticians, mindfulness counselors, sleep specialists, pain psychologists and more provide 1:1 support to get to the heart of what’s causing the pain.

Clinical Rounding

Patients who aren’t progressing as expected towards their goals for pain or function are referred to our multidisciplinary rounding team. The team individually discusses each patient’s status and makes recommendations for changes in their care plan.

Pain Reprocessing

Working closely with high acuity patient populations, Livara utilizes pain reprocessing therapy to retrain how the brain processes pain and more accurately interpret and respond to signals from the body.


For patients requiring an escalation in their conservative care, Livara’s care navigators work directly with patients to find and schedule specialty visits with aligned and high performing providers, including surgeons, pain management and imaging.

Habits Support

Livara is dedicated to helping patients build good habits that reinforce their musculoskeletal recovery. Our Habits Program supports patients cessation efforts from opioids, alcohol and smoking.

Our Partners

Livara Health is proud of its industry-leading partnerships with pioneers in value-based healthcare

Why do you need Livara?

Musculoskeletal care is among the largest spend categories in US healthcare. It’s also one of the most addressable.

Why are costs continuing to rise?

  1. Many patients are referred to specialists and imaging without going through a more conservative approach. Our research shows this can be as high as 40% of patients.
  2. Long waits for conservative care like physical therapists can cause patients to self select to a specialist.
  3. Rather than identifying and engaging patients likely to experience musculoskeletal conditions proactively, patients often show up desperate with moderate to severe pain.
  4. The same approach to building local networks won’t bend the cost curve.

Join our growing team.

Livara Health is hiring. If you want to make a difference in the lives of many, all while working alongside a dedicated team with decades of value-based care experience, we’d love to speak with you.