livara + medical groups

Musculoskeletal care needs a rethink.

Medical groups everywhere are wondering how they can better manage musculoskeletal patients while reducing their spend. We’re here to help.

Reducing inpatient surgery by…


*Reduction in inpatient surgery versus traditional physical therapy in a 3 year claims based study.

What our medical group partners are saying:

The physicians at Sharp Community Medical Group are huge supporters of Livara and utilize this program consistently. They have noted overall improvement in back pain for their patients while achieving major reductions in surgeries, diagnostic imaging and other invasive procedures.”

John Jenrette, MD

Former CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group

At Livara, we create a tailored plan for every individual.

Review the journey for a typical patient referred to Livara by a provider.

Step 01

Livara Health builds relationships with your providers, offering a single destination for musculoskeletal patient referrals.

Step 02
Risk Stratification

Livara leverages 15 years of objective patient data to build comprehensive care plans, from referral to risk stratification.

Step 03
Patient Engagement and Intake

Patients who are not flagged for an immediate referral to a specialist complete a short onboarding, during which time they complete a self assessment and are given an initial plan of stretching and strengthening.

Step 04

Patients are assigned a specialized physical therapy coach who will be with them throughout their entire care journey. An evaluation is scheduled and completed via video or phone to gather additional details and guide their care.

Step 05
Care Delivery

Following their evaluation, patients work with their coach through their daily care plan of stretching, strengthening and psychosocial support. Patients who would benefit from in-person physical therapy are scheduled in one of our affiliate physical therapy clinics, while they continue to be monitored virtually by their coach.

Step 06

Patients who may need additional support are introduced to our multidisciplinary rounding team for further guidance. The team may recommend alterations in their care plan, or in some instances may offer a specialist referral.

Step 07

Patients who would benefit from a specialist visit are guided through scheduling, preparing for their visit, and re-engaging with our team and care navigators. Referrals may include high-performing network specialists in orthopedics, imaging, pain management or injections.

Step 08

At every step, our team is reporting back to the patient’s provider with progress. This can be done directly through the EMR medical record. Updates include patient progress, any necessary specialist referrals and discharge.

We’re trusted by innovators in Value Based Care.

For 17 years, Livara has been partnering with the leaders in Value Based Care to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Smart technology designed with care.

Our platform allows patients to engage in their care daily, while providing our multidisciplinary team with data to manage their care

Livara integrates directly with our partners EMR to provide physicians with ongoing visibility into the progress of their patients.

At Livara, our goal is not to move care online. It’s to help members reach their goals for pain and function. Our risk stratification engine gives us an immediate window into the needs of every patient.