livara + health plans

Guiding your members to lasting musculoskeletal health.

Your members need more than virtual physical therapy. With 15 years of experience, Livara combines care planning, virtual and in-person care, and care navigation among even the most acute musculoskeletal members.

Lower PMPM Costs By…


*Members who participated in the program showed lower PMPM costs against a matched control group for the 12 months following program participation.

What our health plan members are saying:

After years of pain, my hip pain is now very minimal. I can exercise and perform the activities I love with little or no pain afterwards. My habits have also changed and I continue to perform my exercises regularly.”

Kathy, Health Plan Member

With Livara, members get more than virtual exercises.

Everything a member needs to recover in one solution.

Care Planning

Livara creates a tailored care plan for every person in our program, putting them on the right course to recovery.

Risk Stratification

Many MSK solutions lack the hands-on experience to accurately risk stratify members. With 15 years of experience treating over 100,000 patients, Livara ensure members get the care they need quickly.

PsychoSocial Support

Livara goes deeper into the psychosocial needs of members. Nutritionists, mindfulness counselors, sleep specialists, pain psychologists and more work directly with members to address their whole health.

Virtual and In-Person Care Delivery

Livara can help many members recover from musculoskeletal problems by leveraging its innovative virtual platform. But some members require in-person care. Livara connects those members with specialists for an evaluation, may place them in high performance clinics, and helps build a care plan that works for them.

Orthopedic Surgeons

With Livara, orthopedic surgeons are standing by to work directly with members who need support and reinforcement. Physicians review images and answer questions, ensuring that each member feels supported by the most knowledgable resources.


Livara is the only MSK solution which uses multidisciplinary rounds to address the needs of members who aren’t progressing as expected. The team reviews these member’s history and collaborates on changes to their care plan.


Patients who would benefit from a specialist visit are guided through scheduling and visit preparation with our care navigators. Referrals may include high-performing network specialists in orthopedics, imaging, pain management or injections.

We’re trusted by innovators in Value Based Care.

For 17 years, Livara has been partnering with the leaders in Value Based Care to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Experience in every line of business.

Livara offers the kind of complete solution that employers desperately want, and with the experience to offer performance guarantees well beyond other MSK solutions.

Livara has unmatched experience managing Medicare Advantage members. We’ve helped over 30,000 MA members find relief from musculoskeletal pain.

Livara partners with different models to help fully insured populations improve outcomes and reduce costs for MSK conditions. We’re the only solution to have grown out of specialized musculoskeletal clinics, providing an unmatched understanding of how to fully manage these conditions.