Care Delivery

Built on 17 years of clinical experience.

Over 17 years, Livara has helped over 100,000 patients recover from musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. During that time, we’ve built a comprehensive care delivery model that is unmatched. Orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, licensed coaches, mindfulness counselors, nutritionists, sleep specialists and more work with every patient towards a positive outcome. With Livara, you are partnering with the most complete care delivery team available.

An interdiscplinary team working with each patient to get better.

Our clinical team works with patients across a range of risk factors for musculoskeletal pain.

Physical Therapy

Livara’s team of physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, aides and athletics trainers orchestrate care both on our online platform and in our network of affiliated physical therapy clinics. The result is a highly personalized physical therapy experience for every patient.


Many patients join our program with an inflammatory diet that contributes to their musculoskeletal pain. Registered dieticians work with patients 1:1 and in group settings to help them change their habits towards a sustainable and nourishing diet.


Mindfulness counselors work directly with patients who may be struggling with anxiety, negative thoughts or catastrophizing to see their health in a new light. Many members report mindfulness as one of the most unexpectedly helpful resources in our program.

Surgeon Guidance

Many patients who join our program have been told that they need a surgery. Our orthopedic surgeons are available for patient consultations to review their history, and to provide confidence that they can be successful without a surgery.

Medical Rounding

Patients who may need additional support are referred to our multidisciplinary rounds team. Our rounding team will make recommendations to the care plan, or in some instances suggest a referral to a specialist.


Our Habits program works with patients who may have a reliance on opioids or alcohol to manage their pain. As members progress through our program, our Habits team works closely with them on a weaning program.

End-to-end support for every patient.

Engagement is an overlooked aspect of musculoskeletal recovery. By providing each patient with a complete interdisciplinary team to help them with their recovery, Livara engages patients, helps them avoid unnecessary intervention, and enables them to live their life to the fullest.

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