Care Navigation

Connecting patients with high performance care, close to home.

No two patients are the same. Livara’s care navigation team helps patients find and schedule visits with the highest performing specialists closest to them. When a specialist is no longer needed, they integrate back into Livara’s care team for continued support.

End-to-end support. Superior patient experience.

Review our steps for navigating patients to appropriate in person care.

Step 01
Network Identification

At the beginning of any partnership, Livara immediately works to identify a network of high-performing specialists, caregivers and physical therapists. Livara can leverage its licensed data sources to build this network, or it can work directly with a partner to inherit their preferred providers.

Step 02

Patients who are not progressing as expected with Livara’s interdisciplinary team are rounded on by our team of surgeons, physical therapists and psychosocial specialists. It’s in these rounds that some patients may be recommended for an in-person visit. Patients are then introduced to a Livara care navigator.

Step 03
Appointment Scheduling

Based on patient provided data, the navigation team locates a desired specialist in the network. The navigator then works with the patients to schedule their first visit.

Step 04
Patient Tracking

While in-person care is pursued, Livara’s coaches and navigators continue to work with and monitor patients. This allows the team to identify patients who can benefit from consultation and connect with them virtually on our platform.

Step 05

The outcomes of our customized care navigation are patients who feel better supported with access to the level of care they need to get better. This leads to lower costs, a reduction in unnecessary surgery, and an improvement in patient outcomes.

Care navigation, tailored to your network preferences.

Livara believes most patients can recover from a musculoskeletal condition without ever seeing a provider in person. But some patients require a human touch. In those instances our care navigators are an extension of your team, directing patients to providers we know will treat that patient with a caring touch.

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